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Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Full Review | Know Every Thing About Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Full Review

The Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra is the loveliest phone this reviewer has used ( Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Full Review ). Though I much prefer a black phone with a matte finished-rear panel that I tuck into a standard rubber case and have all the peace of mind left to me, I can’t help but enjoy the Mi 11 Ultra, a bit guiltily so. Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Full Review

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First of all, I don’t use it with a case. That means that I’ve developed a mindfulness to my grip that I can’t say I enjoy too much. But the Mi 11 Ultra requires you to grip it mindfully, as it’s one of the slipperiest phones around. It’s like Xiaomi designed it specifically to be slippery – the razor-thin frame, which is sandwiched between heavily curved glass plates, leaves no place for purchase, and picking it up from a table is a hassle. Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Full Review

Regarding Cloud storage, I can partially agree with you. do you use facebook? WhatsApp? discord? reddit? etc.???? every single social media platform had a leak, even educational platform I used to use a while ago. But, i’d say that I have nothing that is really concerning to the hacker other than money or blackmail. which I have all of that secured with 2 steps of login at least. so if my data is leaked, that’s bad but not too bad. and google cloud is so far one of most secure. Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Full Review

However, if you are concerned about privacy! you should disconnect your internet completely. do you know that last year there was a hack method using team viewer (if you have it installed, even if not running in background of any platform), people can open your computer and access all your files and documents, and if you have any stored passwords, logins to bank or emails, autologin to paypal or anywhere, then you are screwed. no antivirus or firewall was able to block it because it was through a confirmed access (by the bug used by hackers through teamviewer). so, it is a matter of luck and your own care, and not totally to the cloud platform its self. Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Full Review


I already need my cloud so it does not bother me, paying 25$/year is not an issue to me. that’s 2$/ month for free access to all of my phone back up, videos, photos, and everything on my phone. and I share cloud capacity it with family too with up to 6 devices plus me. I don’t think that’s expensive. and if the cloud is about to run out of capacity, I do not upgrade to higher tier, I simply just empty it from my computer at anytime to external hard disk. (no cable from phone to computer is needed, just login to drive and download). Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Full Review

I am not that guy to listening to music that really need the cable connection quality. so that is useless for me, doesn’t bother me at all and quite happy with my cheap 25$ Bluetooth head set that I bought almost 2 years ago. Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Full Review

I disagree with your last point, Oneplus is a great device that I used for long years. Huawei is one hell of a device that I didn’t go with just because of lack of google services. so as I mentioned in previous comments, it is a matter of personal preference and experience. Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Full Review


I totally respect your needs and privacy, which is different from my usage.

***General comment, not mentioned to anyone:
My experience and personal preference does not mean that it would work with everyone. it is your choice, your preference, and your own experience. My recommendation is to have a look at actual youtube reviews and tests and decide before you buy. if you don’t do your research then do not show up trolling on others comments and preferences based on your poor judgement, decisions, or lack of knowledge on how to use the device the way it suits you.

The rear Ceramic panel is even more smooth to the finger and slides off just about any uneven surface you leave the phone on. And to add insult to injury, the humongous camera island disbalances the entire phone with its weight. Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Full Review


But the constant worry of dropping the Mi 11 Ultra fades in the face of the joy it is to hold. Its lack of sharp corners makes it slide about seamlessly in your hands, and it has the reassuring weight of a well-made flagship phone. Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Full Review

Some users might frown at that weight, which at 234g is on the higher end of the spectrum, but this is a big phone, and it’s made with quality materials – why wouldn’t you want it to be weighty?

Back to that ceramic for a sec – it has a palpable feeling of quality that isn’t there with glass panels. Resting your fingers on this phone’s back feels nicer than on most any other around.

Xiaomi put a lot of thought into the design of the Mi 11 Ultra. There are subtle touches here that you’ll notice when you’re using it. The frame expands at the corners, from where the front glass curves downward. Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Full Review


The frame’s surface is rounded throughout, except at the top and bottom, where it’s flat. Because of this flat base, the Mi 11 Ultra can stand on its own on a table. Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Full Review


Another subtle design feature is the speaker grille on the bottom, which is shaped like a sound wave, to emphasize the Harman Kardon-tuned speakers beneath – which are excellent, by the way. Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Full Review


Moving to the rear and you’re met by the biggest camera bump on a phone. Both protruding and wide, this continent-sized island makes up for its size in the packed technology inside. There are three big camera sensors, a triple LED flash, and an entire 1.1-inch secondary screen. When the screen is off, it blends into the blackness, but you could set it to show the time or use it as a camera viewfinder. Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Full Review


You can get the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra in Black, but in this viewer’s eyes, the White is divine.

How has it held up?

Before I get to battle scars, I have to address the smudge retention of this phone. Both the front and back panels are prone to smudges and grease, and it’s a bit unpleasant. The ceramic back especially. It’s gotten to the point where I wipe the Mi 11 Ultra with a microfiber cloth a few times a day. Perhaps the oleophobic anti-smudge coating has worn off faster than usual or something. Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Full Review

I haven’t dropped the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra from more than 50cm high, so I can’t attest to its break resistance. But I have carried the phone only without a case for the past 7 months and have accumulated some fine scratches on its front. They’re visible only under direct sunlight and aren’t palpable. In my world, this is par for the course of using a phone.

The frame and rear panel are immaculate. Not a single scratch on them.

Because the ceramic rear panel is as slippery as I’ve said, it’s a bit of a chore to find a suitable wireless charger for the Mi 11 Ultra. I charge my phones overnight at the bedside table and have a wireless charger for that purpose. The Mi 11 Ultra would slide off my regular coaster-style charger, but it would do it very slowly – the night I found this out, I was woken to the jarring sound of the phone dropping to the table and subsequently to the floor. Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Full Review


I tried a few other chargers we had lying around at the office, but I found that the Mi 11 Ultra only really stood still on Xiaomi’s own 20W wireless charger, which has a grippy surface. Yet that one has a fan to cool a fast-charging phone, and it’s audible in a bedroom, so it’s no use either.

Luckily, the Mi 11 Ultra can charge extremely fast through its 67W wired adapter, so I’ve used that. But it brings me to the only hardware fault the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra has manifested. Its USB-C port is a bit wobbly. It doesn’t always connect to a cable when you insert it and needs a bit of jerking around. Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Full Review


It’s not a big issue when charging, but when you need to pick up the phone, it could disconnect and reconnect, which displays an annoying charging animation that blanks the entire display.

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