Xiaomi Beats Apple ; Become No 2 Smartphone Maker

Chines Company Xiaomi Beats Apple In World Ranking

In Indian Market Xiaomi Smartphones also known as mi phone has a huge craze. Xiaomi phones are known for his performance and camera . They provide us more feature plus high performance at lesser price. thats why Xiaomi phone are that much higher in demand . The only issue with the MI Phones is its durability .

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Xiaomi Phones are less durable as compare to other phones . Because the outer body of these phones are made with cheaper materials. thats why the phone rates are that much low because they reduce there cost in the outer body. Not in the features of the phone . Xiaomi phones are always in high demand in india as well as other country markets.

Thats the reason my now Xiaomi beats Apple in the smartphone maker company at second potion . Now the xiaomi is the worlds largest smartphone maker company . The Xiaomi market get increased day by day in all over the world. there launch new phones and also working in the weak points. For satisfy the costumer’s.

Xiaomi Recently launch there new phone named as MI X PRO . That was also a blast from Xiaomi in the indian as well as the others country market. The MI PRO has the amazon prize of 41,999 Indian rupees. The phone comes with latest snapdragon 888 processor with 5G. The look and the design of the phone makes feel aswome .

Samsung is still sit at number 1 on The smartphone making company . But the apples position was taken bt Xiaomi . There must be hard to beat Samsung to take the first position in the market . Because Samsung has a huge market but who knows what will come. So We cant pridict anything in this world. Lets see whats apple response on that after beatn by Xiaomi.

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