When KRAFTON Ban Hackers In BGMI ? | BGMI Will Dead In Future ? 1 BEST TRICK

When KRAFTON Ban Hackers In BGMI

As We All Know that the level of hackers in battleground Mobile India . Now In Every 4 out of 5 Matches player have to face hackers. In this season it is almost impossible to push your rank in any mode either in Solo Or Duo Or In Squad. Because Day By Day Hackers Are Increasing and Increasing . Now it is not Battlegrounds Mobile India It Is Hacker Grounds Mobile Indai . Every match is full of hackers . But Know The BattleGrounds Mobile India has do some strict decisions. Now The Krafont has first prioraty to ban hackers in bgmi. Bgmi is one of the largest game that has been played inside the country india. Here daily new players come to enjoy the game. But when they phase hackers in the game or killed by cheated in Battlegrounds mobile india Then They Get Frustated . And they stop playing this game or many time users uninstall the game. When KRAFTON Ban Hackers In BGMI

BGMI Anti Cheat Status Today

If you remember there is time when there is lots of hackers in Pubg Mobile . After so long company has decided to ban all the hackers in Pubg Mobile . It,s Become there first priroty To Be fair Play And give punishment to cheaters. There ban every single hackers or you can say cheaters from Pubg Mobile. And they give strikes to those channel who promote hacking in youtube or in any platform. After that all the youtubers who uplod hacking content regarding Pubg Mobile Become scared. There many big channel who has 700 k + subscribers has been deleted by youtube due to the strike whic will came from pubg mobile. Now its compulsory thT BGMI do the same thing as pubg mobile done to ban all the cheaters from the game. Now A days you are not going to see any hacker or cheater in Pubg Mobile. And no one upload and content regarding Pubg Moble Hackes. Because still Pubg mobile giving strikes to those peoples who upload hacking related content For Pubg Mobile. When KRAFTON Ban Hackers In BGMI

Krafton brought the Battlegrounds Mobile India in July 2021 with a bang and once again the Esports of India got the major push. While the game continued to grow and gained millions of users, it also had setbacks with hackers and cheaters. The unethical players made it difficult for players, streamers, and content creators to play the game. Hackers have emerged as a big challenge to BGMI and Krafton. While Krafton did launch an anti-cheat system that is built into the game, it doesn’t ban all the hackers in the game. When KRAFTON Ban Hackers In BGMI

Krafton bans around 136K BGMI account for cheating 

Continuing its war against the hackers, Krafton is attacking the accounts weekly and banning them permanently.  From 17th September to 23rd September, over 136,955 accounts were banned permanently for cheating and using hack modes. When KRAFTON Ban Hackers In BGMI

“We have collected and investigated cases through our security system and community monitoring, and permanently banned 136,955 accounts from September 17 ~ September 23.” When KRAFTON Ban Hackers In BGMI

Let us tell you that the number of accounts that are getting banned is increasing significantly. This week saw an increase of 132% from the last week. And this fight is still going on as there are millions of users who are using hack cheats in the game. When KRAFTON Ban Hackers In BGMI

Jonathan and Mortal call upon Hackers

Earlier famous streamers and BGMI players Jonathan and Mortal also tweeted about the increased number of cheaters in the game. When KRAFTON Ban Hackers In BGMI

In his tweet, Jonathan mentions, “I see lots of aspiring new talents grinding all day long to make a name for themselves. Watching their hard work going in vain is disappointing. Yes, I’m talking about the increasing number of hackers every day. I request BGMI officials to look into this matter on priority. “ When KRAFTON Ban Hackers In BGMI

Krafton has also taken this matter on top priority and promised the users to stove and implement a comprehensive anti-hacking campaign. They have also reiterated that players and fans report any illegal activity they sense in the game. Krafton is trying to make the game cheaters free and to build BGMI as a fair battlefield for all gamers.

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