January 27, 2023


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Viral Video: The girl was ready to kill herself by jumping off the bridge, then the young man did such a thing that the breath would stop, see the viral video.

Viral Video: The girl was ready to kill herself by jumping off the bridge

Viral Video: Many times such videos become viral on social media, which also stop your breath. One such video has surfaced. It can be seen in this video that a young woman climbs the railing of a bridge to commit suicide.

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Seeing this scene, the hands and feet of the people present there swell. Many of them also try to convince the girl, but she does not listen to anyone. However, the girl turns around and answers to the people present there. During this, her gestures are such that as if she jumped now or jumped then.

Then a man reaches behind the girl, holding her by the neck and dragging her towards the bridge. As soon as this happens, the people present there start praising that person. However, when the man tried to catch the girl, for once it seems that his grip should not remain light and the girl should not fall down in the tussle. But he was completely successful in his endeavor.


Source Gamerzsport.com

However, it is not yet clear where and when this video is from. But News24 urges you to talk to your near and dear ones if you have any such negative thoughts. At the same time, we should also keep in mind that there is no sudden change in the behavior of any person present around us. When this happens, try to talk to the people close to you, assure them that you may not be able to solve their problems, but will never leave their side.

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