T20 World Cup 2021 Scheduled ; October 17 2021

Introduction : T20 World Cup Is Start From October 17 2021

T20 World Cup is going to be started from October 17 2021 In UAE. first the T20 World Cup has being held in india but due to corona it will not runs in india . Now the BCCI decided to Start the world cup in UAE. The fixture and the dates has been fix. All the cricket fans are waiting to support there nation . This is a huge decision from bcci . Many Cricket fans thought that the game was cancel. T20 World Cup Is Start October 17 2021

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Official Tweet : T20 World Cup Is Start From October 17 2021

They thought that the way due to corona the ipl was cancel thats how the T20 World Cup was Also going to Cancel . But the BCCI Officialy announced that the game was running on its time. The only thing is changed that is the location or the venue. The game is going to be played at the grounds of UAE . All the teams are ready with there whole T20 Squard . T20 World Cup Is Start From

Official Tweet

The Squard was not fix by any team for this T20 Event right now. But Soon they are going to be ready With The playing 11 . The T20 World Cup Final Dtae Also be finallized by the expert . On 14 of November the 2021T20 World Cup Final has been played on the UAE ground . On 14 of November we will get our T20 World Cup 2021 Champions.

So Not too many days are left the party will beging any time .Ever cricket fan are ready to support there nation with there nation anthems and there national flags . There might be 16 teams . We are right now not confirmed But There might be 16 teams as usual . So lets see Which team gona win this T20 World Cup 2021.All the fans are so excited.

The team india is going head to head against pakistan because they are in same group . They are going in group B With other teams. There is a news that rohit sharma is not completely fit so it might be a bad news for indian fans. rohit sharma might not available for few matches for india. we might see kl rahul in the top order.

jhasprit bhumrha be the key baller for team india. Because as we all know that the death balling in t20 is most difficult for ballers. The yourker is always the king in the t20 formate . And Jasprit bhumrha is the only baller wo pitched the yourkers at the wright path. Jasprit bhumhra the yourker king will might be the big diffrence between india win or loss. As other ballers of india team also have a capability to delever yourkers but the perfaction we requred . Only the perfaction provided by jasprit bhumhra.

All the fans from all over the country are very excited to Support there nation. The big event is going to be start very soon. One winner One Trophy

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