January 27, 2023


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Sushmita Sen Marriage Lalit Modi : Sushmita Sen And Lalit Modi Affair

Sushmita Sen Marriage Lalit Modi : Sushmita Sen Affair With Lalit Modi

sushmita sin talked about her life and carrier in a new interview twinkle asked her how she has managed to be so open about her relationships over the years especially at a time when the men in the industry were pretending to be virgins sushmita said if you lose yourself then who are you that’s been my standard belief in life i just wanted to be honest and speak my mind.

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And learn how to say it gracefully be it plastic surgery men in my life relationships married men whatever you think is a bad thing it exists get over it she continued if you think it’s a social evil it’s not the person who is small but others mindset and hurt you think we have not made any mistake in life we have done plenty i don’t carry any guilt about them .

Because i never about them twinkle also asks sushmita if she ever felt getting married would be difficult because she was a mother the judge had asked her this when she was adopting renny or if marriage was of no consequence to her sushmita said once i became a mother and when renee happened there was no man thereafter who came into my life and didn’t know my priority was her there was no two ways about it so it wasn’t like i love you baby and i will do anything for you.

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Because i wasn’t that age and i wasn’t giving false hopes anywhere this was it my daughter is very very important to me till a certain age because she needs me luckily i have met some very interesting men in my life and the only reason i didn’t get married is because they were a letdown it had nothing to do with my kids i came close to getting married tries all three times god saved me i can’t tell you what disasters followed with their respective lives god did protect me but also because god protected these two kids he can’t let me get into a messy affair