Soulframe Digital Extremes : Trailer & Gameplay Warframe Sister New Game

Soulframe Digital Extremes : Trailer & Gameplay Warframe Sister New Game

A while back, someone asked me via Discord if any future A Soul’s games for Digital Extremes were in the works. At first, I thought they were joking because I also enjoy Warframe, but then I thought, “What are you saying there’s nothing like that and Digital Extreme mentioned anything about A Souls gaming coming out in the future.”

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It’s true and it’s noted in the Reddit leaks that last week Digital Extremes registered for a trademark in Europe for the term “soul frame,” and the dark souls series, and it could be amusing just to combine them and get my excited up for nothing later. You may verify this for yourself by visiting the trademark page at the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

We don’t know what the digital extremes are up to, but one thing is certain: the soul frame thing, which they registered as a game and may or may not release, has me very excited for what Tenecon 2022 will bring. Now, the listing in the EU Ipo shouldn’t be taken lightly since, based on Digital Extremes’ prior performance, all of the listings they have are for games that have been published and some are for titles that have been cancelled, like the Amazing Eternals.

Soulframe Gameplay & Trailer

What this registered IP is for is currently very strange, and if it’s a game, it’s even more weird because all I can think of are dark souls fashion frames and I never even considered the concept of having a dark soul game with warframes. The closest thing is a game like Tina’s Wonderland or any borderland-themed series, where the looter-shooter aspect of Warframe is still there.

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but has now been corrected in a dungeon-style warfare system. We saw that this works in the New War, when we had a controller, Griner Corpus, and even Teshin, and the gameplay was as fluid as butter. What if during the new war update, digital extremes were giving sneak peeks of what was to come instead of the new pvp system?

Take everything I’ve said with a grain of salt because soul frame is not even a 100 percent guarantee that it’s a dark soul game themed in warframe what we are hoping for they will apply that gameplay to their new upcoming spin-off of warframe right now these are just pure speculations and I just hope that you share this video so we can get an answer from the developers themselves

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