Round2hell FACTS : You Never Know Until You Read This.

Round2hell Interesting Facts You Should Know

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Hello Guys As you all know that Round2hell is one of the biggest youtuber in india and Asia As well. Round2hell Comedy videos On YouTube and different social media are so viral. There comic timing was insane. Round2hell is made by three friends who are college dropouts . They decided to do some startup and one of those three friend decide to make shot videos and upload it on YouTube . and suddenly there videos are getting viral . And from there they rest is history.

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So Todays i am going to tell you some interesting facts About Round2hell You Never know until you read this. Yes guys So Lets Get Started.

1. The idea of ​​making a video on YouTube was from Nazim. At that time the comedy video on YouTube was becoming quite viral.

2. His first video which went viral. He was Related from Jio. That video was also a comedy video.

3. Wasim, Jian and Nazim are three friends since childhood. All three live in the same city, Moradabad's Phagwara village.

4. All the three friends had taken dropout from college at the same time when all the colleges were different.

5. Once upon a time, all three friends thought of shutting down R2H. Because Parsi used to make fun of him, later a friend of his, Alam Saifi, motivated him not to close the channel and also gifted a tripod, this would have been true friendship.

6. R2H used to put many videos in the beginning but none could get more than 500 views while their workout videos used to get millions of views.

7. All three friends have equal rights on R2H channel.

8. R2H opened its channel in dec 2016 and today they have 2.23 crore subscriber.

9. When tik-tok vs Youtube was running on youtube, R2H became very viral, due to doing something, his video was removed and legal action was also taken against him.

10. Many people do not like the video of R2H because they use a lot of street in their videos. In the beginning, he is trolled a lot. R2H did not listen to everything and continued in his work.

11. Round2hell donated its first income to poor children.

12. Round2hell has never featured a girl in their videos till date.

13. Most of the people in Round2hell's team are family members – cameramen, video editors, etc. All the people.

14. They started their Round2hell YouTube channel on 20 October 2016.
Zain Saifi Brief Biography
Real name: Zayn Saifi
nick name: shahrukh
Profession Actor and YouTuber (famous for his channel Round2hell)
Date of Birth : 12 February 1996
Place of Birth: Pakwara, Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, India
Age Zain Saifi 24 years (as in 2020)
Hometown Pakwara, Moradabad Current City Pakwara, Moradabad
citizenship indian
religion islam
Bhai Alam Saifi
Language Hindi and English

Nazim Ahmed Brief Biography
Name: Nazim Ahmed
nick name: nazimo
Profession Actor and YouTuber (Your Youtube
Channel famous for 'Round2Hell')
date of birth 1 september
Place of Birth Pakwara, Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, India.
Age yet to be updated
Hometown Pakwara, Moradabad,
citizenship indian
religion islam

Waseem Ahmed Brief Biography
Name Wasim Ahmed
nick name wasim
Profession Actor and YouTuber (Your Youtube
Channel famous for 'Round2Hell')
date of birth 12 july
Place of Birth Pakwara, Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, India
Age yet to be updated
Hometown Pakwara, Moradabad, UP
citizenship indian
religion islam
Language Hindi and English


• All three friends were born in Pakvada village of Moradabad district of UP. The three friends have been together since childhood but all three were educated in different schools.

Nazim did his schooling till 12th at Modern Public School, Moradabad.
Washim did his studies from Alam Inter College College, Moradabad.
Jain Saifi did his schooling from P.M.S PUBLIC SCHOOL.

• The idea of ​​creating a channel in YouTube came to Nazim, he started a channel where he used to make videos related to football tricks and football.

• At that time Nazim’s video did not have that many fuses, so he stopped making videos. Even after this, he kept watching videos on YouTube, only then did he understand. He saw that comedy videos and wines videos are being liked a lot by the people. Then he thought of making funny comedy videos.

• After which Nazim along with his friends created a YouTube channel called “Round2hell”. After creating the channel, he uploaded his first video “Pagli caption Troll Part-1”. His first video got 120 views. Seeing this, he also made Part 2 of that video, however when he made the video, people taunted him and said that “nothing will happen with all this”. Hearing the taunts of the people, the three friends became demotivated very quickly.

But do you know how the idea to name the channel Round2hell came about. Jain was very fond of doing Round Drift and before making YouTube channel, he was doing Bolo Car Drift. Those people were saved from death due to this, the car started spinning round and round, it seemed that if the car would overturn, then those people would go to the place. Only those people thought of this incident, the name of their channel. In this way, by adding round to round and hell to hell, the name of the channel is “Round2hell”.

• The three friends were very disappointed after hearing people’s words, at one time they had made up their mind to leave YouTube, only then one of their friends, Alam saifi, had motivated them and explained that they would focus on their work. Don’t listen to anyone, people will say that it is their job to say. In this way, all the three friends obeyed Alam Saifi and started carrying on their work.

• Alam Safi had also gifted them a tripod to boost their enthusiasm and also gave suggestions to enhance the quality of their videos.

• After this the three friends added some money and bought a DSLR, they understood that in today’s era, if people do not give a good quality video, then they will not be interested in watching the video.

• Once he was asked by a fan – “For the first time a fan stopped you and said that I am your fan, so how did you feel, and what did you do with YouTube first income”

In response, Jain Saifi had said- “Those people were from Bangalore and Delhi, we used to write scripts at a dhaba, in Moradabad itself, always used to write at night, so we were sitting like every night – writing scripts there. So some people came, there were three or four people, they took selfie with us. Later those people had gone-

In further reply, Nazim had said, “Later say we went away, we thought that we have gone.. Never mind, normal means selfie, let’s take it, but say come back I had come with pen and pencil paper – meaning pen and paper , – So they asked that autograph… Means it was a very big moment that the man had also taken autograph and those people were saying that “You guys will go a long way, that’s why we are taking autographs, we know”” those people’s feeling After saying that, at that time the faces of those people had turned red, it was a matter of great happiness.

• Those people of the first income were donated to the needy and poor children. Donated the first income, only those people got petrol worth ₹ 120.

Often many fans say that the video of Round to Hell comes very late. Explaining the reason for this, round2hell says that – “Even if the video comes in only one month.. Contact should be strong”

All the videos that came up to the PARALLEL WORLD of ROUND TO HELL were shot from mobile only.

At that time Nazim had an iPhone 6S which was used for making videos.
Jain had an iPhone 5s which was used to record audio.

Income The income on any YouTube depends on many factors, so it is very difficult to tell the exact income of those people. But according to some facts, by 2021, the total assets of those people are 8 million dollars which will become 58 crore rupees in Indian Rupees.

I Hope you guys are happy to know this facts. For more facts stay tune with us and don’t forget to share your experience Wit Us In the comment section. Thank You

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