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Dear pubg mobile players hello there are, many changes in store for you in pubg, mobile 2.0 in this video we will, introduce the exciting new contents of, this version we hope you’ll like them, after two years of testing and, improvements the official version of, livik is finally ready for launch we’ve, kept the fast-paced battles of the test, version and we’ve taken another look at, mid-stein lobster the logistics center, iceborg and other areas substantially, improving their look and fully, optimizing their layouts we believe, these changes will enrich your battle, experience with even more strategic, depth in the official release version of, livik you’ll be able to find a new, all-terrain utv it’s a small four-seater, vehicle that excels in all terrains no, matter how complex the environment is, the utv will be able to quickly traverse.

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The area at the same time xt weapon, upgrade packs will be available in, supply shops that appear in fixed, locations these packs can be used to, upgrade weapons to their xt version, which increases their performance and, control these upgrades will be immensely, helpful in battle in the official, version of livik, the official version of livik has new, ways to require supplies when starting a, match an advanced supply zone will spawn, randomly on the map these areas have, more supplies than shop tokens than any, other place on the map naturally the, advanced supply zone will also attract, more enemies if you’re confident in your, shooting skills come to the zone and, fight for supplies in the official, release version of livik we’ve added, random crates treasure maps wild berries, soccer challenge vehicle ramp challenges, zip lines airdrop markers and other fun, gameplay and mechanics.

We hope these new, mechanics will give you extra rewards, allow you to have even more fast paced, and exciting battles and provide you, with diverse sources of enjoyment once, more livik’s iconic volcano is getting, ready to erupt again after many years of, dormancy when the volcano erupts, remember to be careful and take evasive, action, the new pubg mobile evangelion themed, mode is coming soon, this mode features a special blue zone, mechanic to make battles faster and more, exciting the sixth angel has invaded a, rainbow witness the might of the angel, up close watch eva unit zero one battle, the angel and pick up supplies from the, defensive fortress this epic battle is, about to take place right before your, eyes experience this map in ranked mode, now, in a rainbow and miramar both for ranked, and unranked mode we’ve added a new item, called the emergency pickup after, picking it up you can use it from quick, items when deployed the emergency pickup, generates a hot air balloon the balloon, rises into the air signaling a rescue, plane to come pick you up when you tap.

The plane it’ll pick you up and carry, you towards the center of the play zone, you can choose to jump out at any time, if you see a safe area that you prefer, to land in, it’s also worth noting that when you’re, in the blue zone even if you’re in the, air you’ll continue to take damage so, think carefully about using the, emergency pickup, in the new version we’ve optimized and, improved the recall feature we’ve, adjusted how the recall feature is, displayed to make it easier to read at, the same time we’ve added new quick chat, messages and defeat markers to, facilitate communication between, teammates when a defeated player is, recalled their view from the plane has, been improved to make it easier to, observe the battlefield to enrich the, gaming experience even more we’ve added, a haptic feedback system to the new, version when haptic feedback is enabled, you’ll feel haptic feedback for various, actions taken in the game real-time, haptic feedback can be enabled for, weapons vehicles character statuses, sound visualizations and other triggers, giving you a more immersive experience, of the game keep in mind that you can, adjust the quality of the haptics in, settings and also adjust the strength of, the haptics and customize them for, different combat scenarios with this, much control there’s no need to worry, about strong haptic feedback affecting.

Your performance, in version 2.0 we’ve implemented a, series of improvements to the control, experience the decline feature for, follow requests now stays in effect for, the whole match and the collapse feature, has been added to the item bar of the, backpack the buttons for graffiti and, emotes have been merged in matches and, you can now bring even more emotes into, a match we’ve also adjusted the, transparency of mark messages and the, size of the throwable and consumable, wheels the display effects of the, elimination messages and tips have also, been made more obvious and clear at the, same time in-match notices now appear, when certain actions take place we hope, all of this helps your team perform even, better in battle as for in-match, communication enemies behind obstacles, can now be marked with quick voice, messages the chat area has been enlarged, and new marked messages are displayed at, the top to make it more convenient to, communicate with teammates in terms of, weapon related improvements we’ve, increased the hit damage ratio and range, damage of the shotgun slightly increase, the base damage of the sawed-off shotgun, and improve the overall balance of, weapons improvements have also been made, to the smoke grenade effects weapons, animations against walls the marking, feature and sprint controls to give you, a smoother gaming experience.

The new cycle 2 season 6 is about to, start and we’ve made new optimizations, to tiers bronze is now split into three, mini tiers silver is split into four, mini tiers and no changes have been made, for gold tier and above at the same time, we’ve added themed core circle missions, commemorative titles exclusive rewards, that can be unlocked by collecting, crates we’ve also prepared many great, new season rewards, best wishes for ranking up and winning, more rewards in the new season, and don’t worry we haven’t forgotten, about sheer park in the new version, we’ve added a mini soccer field and a, four seat wingman to cheer park, invite your friends to experience it, together if you’d like to know more, about pubg mobile follow our official, pub g mobile community hope you all have, a great time in the new version winner, winner chicken dinner see you next time.

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Importent Note :- If Your Are not able to login in the game so first time you have to login with Vpn

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