January 27, 2023


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BGMI 1.6 Download | PUBG BETA 1.6 UPDATE

Pubg beta 1.6 Features

As we all know that pubg already launch there latest version which is Pubg 1.5 Ignition . In The 1.5 update pubg mobile comes with new collabration with tesla . In the upcoming pubg 1.6 vesrion there might be a new collabration. Every time pubg mobile launch there new version they have a new collabrataion. This time also there is new event coming in pubg 1.6 and bgmi 1.6 version.


In pubg 1.6 you are going to see a device which is also known as detonator which was placed just below the bagpack of the charater. what this device do ? this device has a pow which is that if some one goes outside the zone then there is no damage from the zone. but there is a twist in pubg 1.6 this device is comes with a battery. Measns once the battery has been finished the device has stoped working.

This feature is also in pubg pc from so long. Now its time to launch this feature in pubg mobile as well. So they decided to launch this feature with pubg 1.6 . And in pubg beta 1.6 we are going to see this feature as well. This feature is really excited for those which are stay outside the zone from long time. But there is onw more disadvantage for those persion who use this device. The capacity of there bag pack has been reduced.


Means after picking up this device they carry less items from they carry before. So this the disadvantage of this device it reduce the carrying capacity of the bag pack. But as i mention earlier this device is very helpfull fro those who stay outside the zone for long time. For example this device is very usefull for rankpushers. Because they stay outside the zone for long time . and at last they take fights.


The another new feature that we are going to see with pubg beta 1.36 or bgmi 1.6 is A diffrent granade. this garanade is diffrent from normal gradnades. Because what these granades can do is when you through them they automaticly crate fire sond like bots. So if enemys are in rage of listining they pridict that there is bot figt. so they are going to kill them. It is basically a type of trape for the enemies. So this feature is also so exciting to watch.


As i mention earlier There must be a new event we are going to see in pubg 1.6 version or bgmi 1.6 version. Write know we dont have lmformation about what kind of event we are going to see in upcoming version. But that was dam sure that new version comes with a new event. In bgmi 1.6 and pubg 1.6 as well. And we can see all those thing earlier for that you have to download pubg beta 1.6 version for early access.


There are many different methods through which you can download pubg beta 1.6 version . There are many websites provide pubg beat 1.6 vesion for early acces. but you have to keep in mind one thing that you should have a invitation code. Because without invitation code there is no other way to get early access in pubg beta version.

Websites which provide Pubg Beta Version Early Access

  1. Uptodown website
  2. Apkpure
  3. Apkmirror
  4. Pubgbeta website.. etc

So these are the few websites that provide you the early access of pubg beta vesrion