Online Games Ban: Online Games Ban In 15 Countries, Laws Made To Ban In Our Country Too, Know What Other Experts Say?

Online Games Ban: The addiction to online games has increased in such a way that children behave unusually when they are addicted to it.

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Online Games Ban: One such case came to light in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, which caused a sensation. A 16 year old boy killed his mother just because His Mom stopped him from playing PUBG. Addiction to online games has increased to such an extent that when addicted to it, they behave abnormally. The murder of mother in Lucknow is an example of this. Know how dangerous are online games, where are the restrictions and what is its effect. We will also know from the experts that what is the bad effect of addiction of online games on the brain of children that they are ready to kill.

No Strict Rules In India

Many countries of the world are on alert mode to deal with the addiction of such games. Games with a lot of violence stopped in Brazil. Online games with violent, objectionable and controversial content are also not allowed in Australia. At the same time, there are no strict rules regarding this in India yet. Although India has banned many Chinese online games like PUBG two years ago, but these games are still available.

Online games banned in these countries of the world

Whereas 15 countries like China, Venezuela, Brazil Japan have banned online games. The basis of the ban is said to be objectionable and violent content. In 2009, Venezuela banned the production, sale and use of video games. Similarly, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Germany, UK, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, UAE, Iran and Pakistan have also imposed many restrictions. In China, people under the age of 18 are only allowed to play online games for a maximum of 3 hours on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays between 8 am and 9 pm.

Where is the problem coming? 4 important things to understand

Senior IT and Cyber ​​Expert Sameer Sharma in a discussion with Clear India TV Digital clearly states that there is no clear policy in our country which can control and censor online games.

What happens is that in this the task of the adult age group is given to the children of the minor age group. At this age the boy of adolescence is neither a child nor a grown up. His mental balance is not so mature. Because of this they get addicted to such online games.

Online games are global. If a child wants to play them, then such online games are operated from the International Play Store, from where they can be easily downloaded. If Play Store is banned in our country then they can be downloaded from International Play Store.

Nothing can be hidden or restricted in the age of social media these days. Because even if online games are banned or closed on Play Stores, their link is easily available from platforms like Telegram, Torrent. They are easily accessible and children are at ease.

The most important reason is that there is no curriculum for moral inputs and their psychological balancing in children. Such a curriculum should be conducted or prescribed by the government, so that children can be made aware about the good and bad effects of such online games or they themselves can understand about its bad effect.

Then what should the government do? know from 2 things

The government should set up counseling centers for gadget de-addiction at rehab centres. Sameer Sharma says that children should not get addicted to online games, parents have a big role in this. Those parents who are educated, put parental monitoring apps in children’s mobiles. Schedule a time for them to play online games. At the same time, which game the child is playing, it can also be monitored. So parents also be smart.

If any game is being launched in the country, then for this the Government of India should develop a platform like the Film Censor Board, which checks the usefulness of the games. There is no dearth of IT experts and cyber experts in our country. A board will have to be set up with people who will test online games on a scale. Because there are 400 million children in India, who can avoid its ill effects.

Children become violent due to conduct disorder, know what experts say?

Psychiatrist Vinay Mishra, who has been working on children’s psychology for many years, told India TV Digital that it is not just limited to PUBG. Such children have conduct disorder. Because of this, they have trouble listening to anyone. They cannot listen to the words of teachers, parents or elders. Such children later become criminal minds.

Experts say that the tendency of such children becomes such that if they do not get what they want at that time, then they become discouraged. It is unbearable for children with conduct disorder and they become very impatient.

How to control such children?

Look for early symptoms in such children. Because such children are more cruel towards animals. These are the earliest symptoms of children with conduct disorder.

Secondly, such children have the habit of setting fire, that is, the thing that catches fire, which gets burnt to ashes, it is very happy to see it being destroyed.

Violence status is very high in these children. If they get angry, they attack anyone with a blade or a sharp pencil.

keep these things in mind

Such children want to observe themselves. Parents should also help them for this.

Children follow the elders. Therefore parents should not do indecency and violence in front of children.

Sometimes scenes like offering sacrifices are made in front of the children. Or the animals are beaten up badly. Therefore elders should not commit violence towards animals in front of children. Otherwise they will also follow.

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