NZXT H1 Budget Build Guide, How to Build in the NZXT H1 SFFPC Case | Best Review

NZXT H1 Budget Build Guide

hey guys tony here from tony tech bites

Table of Contents

and this

is a build tutorial with the ntxt h1 i

purchased this myself so this video is

not sponsored the first thing you have

to do is take off the front glass panel

and then the rear panel

and now slide off the side panels that

hold the entire case together

you also want to get a phillips head

screwdriver to unscrew these two screws

over here to lift up the aio

NZXT H1 Budget Build Guide

this allows you to access the rest of

the components inside the case and as

you can see there are a bunch of cables

that are already pre-managed

pre-routed in the case and over here i’m

installing the i o shield which is

important if your motherboard does not

have it pre-installed

so i’m using these 632 screw flats

because i need to install the


NZXT H1 Budget Build Guide

inside the case and as you can see i’m

lining up the mini itx motherboard

inside lining up with the i o shield in

the back

i also already installed the cpu as well

as ram and ssd because it’s a fairly

simple process

NZXT H1 Budget Build Guide

and i’ve made multiple videos on youtube

as well as tik tok explaining how to do


i just wanted this guide to be a little

bit more simple showing how to put all

the parts together inside the n60 h1

versus building everything from scratch

so you can see that i am installing the

four screws in the standoffs

for this motherboard and it is a fairly

simple process because it’s just four

NZXT H1 Budget Build Guide

screws connecting cables and then

putting it all together

over here you can see i’m unbundling the

cables and making sure i can identify

them so you can see one of them is a

pump cable

and the other is a fan cable to control

the fan for the aio liquid cooler

the thinner cable plugs into the pump

NZXT H1 Budget Build Guide

header because it powers on the pump

and the thicker cable powers on the cpu


which in this case belongs to the cpu

fan header

now we have to plug in the front panel

cable and this is for the power button

as well as the power reset

and you plug it into where your

NZXT H1 Budget Build Guide

motherboard has it located

this blue tip cable is for the front

panel usb ports so you have to plug it


the header on your motherboard the 24

pin cable that plugs into the

motherboard to power on the motherboard

and the rest of its components

make sure to line it up correctly with

NZXT H1 Budget Build Guide

the notch and you should hear a click

now for the cpu power cable we have to

bundle it together and plug it into the


left side of the motherboard i forgot i

also have to disconnect this plastic

cover over here to plug in the front

panel audio connector

this is for the mic headphone combo jack

in the front of the case

NZXT H1 Budget Build Guide

and as you can see over here i have to

line it up with the header and plug it


now over here i’m just tidying up the

cables by using the velcro straps that

are already pre-installed to the n60 h1


and over here i’m removing the stock

intel bracket to apply the am41

and you should check out the specific

instructions with the nzxt h1 case

because this video is obviously not

going to be a very detailed step-by-step

NZXT H1 Budget Build Guide


i’m also removing the plastic cover to

access the water block and slide off the

intel bracket so

obviously i can apply the am4 bracket

because this is an amd am4 system

i am also removing the stock thermal

paste that nzxt pre applies to their

cooler so i’m using 91

isopropyl alcohol on a coffee filter to

remove it

and i’m gonna reapply with my own

thermal paste

so i’m just wiping up the thermal paste

from the cold plate of the cooler and i

believe i already wiped out the cpu’s

heat spreader earlier on

and of course i’m just installing the

am4 bracket by sliding it in

and pushing it all the way through

now we have to apply thermal paste i’m

using arctic mx4 just because i want to

and i just applied a pea-sized amount in

the middle of the ihs

and a large p is fine because ryzen cpus

have slightly larger heat spreaders than

intel cpus

and over here i’m just lowering down the

water block and you have to line up the

clips with the am4 bracket that’s

already pre-installed to

all am4 motherboards and you have to

basically clip it in and then screw it

down to secure it

NZXT H1 Budget Build Guide

and now you can see i’m screwing down

the screws with even mounting pressure

to make sure that the cooler is not


and you can see i switched to a

screwdriver because it is slightly

easier than using my thumbs

so i’m screwing down the top screw first

then the bottom one and then top bottom

in that order

NZXT H1 Budget Build Guide

until both screws are successfully


[NZXT H1 Budget Build Guide

and now it is time to peel the sticker

on the water block

make sure that you’ve opened up the clip

for the pcie slot on the motherboard and

take off the pcie slot cover for the

riser cable

and we basically just have to plug this

into the pcie slot on the motherboard

you should also hear a click right now

when you plug it in

i’m also pushing the tubing to the side

so that when you close down the radiator

arm it doesn’t interfere with any of the


also make sure the cables have enough

slack so when you close everything up it

doesn’t tug on any cables

NZXT H1 Budget Build Guide

and now you can just lower down the

radiator arm and get the two screws that

we unscrewed earlier and fasten it down

with your phillips head screwdriver and

of course do the other end which is

unfortunately cut off a little bit in

this video

now we have to flip over the case to

install the graphics card you can see

that there are two screws over there

that are already pre-installed so you

have to unscrew them these are phillips

head screws as well

NZXT H1 Budget Build Guide

these screws secure the graphics card

onto the pcie slot so we have to remove

them first obviously to install the

graphics card

we also have to take off this power

supply cable cover and find the

necessary pcie power cables

uh to obviously power the graphics card

and my rtx 2060 super the founders

edition one from nvidia

NZXT H1 Budget Build Guide

uses a single 8 pin pcie connector so

i fished out an 8 pin pcie connector and

it’ll obviously depend on which

graphics card you use but over here i’m

lining up the graphics card to the pcie

riser cable and plugging it in and you

should also hear a click

and i’m also screwing down the screws

that we unscrewed earlier

and now i am plugging in the power cable

to provide power to the graphics card


so now we have to lift up the case and

slide the side panel back on or the side

panel frame whatever you want to call it

make sure it lines up with the i o at

the top of the case

attach the rear panel back on by using

the pegs you just have to push it in and

make sure it lines up correctly

i forgot to mention make sure you flick

the power supply switch to on

now for the front glass panel you

basically have to line up the pegs and

push it in just like the rear panel

all right time to peel it

i also peeled off the other stickers and

i’m getting rid of the residue by using

isopropyl alcohol and a coffee filter

just wiping it off

subscribe and like this video if you

want to see a follow-up where i go over

benchmarks and thermals with my ryzen 9

3900x and rtx 2060 super

i’m also planning on getting an rtx 3080

i’m not sure which one yet so

i’ll definitely be making a ton more

videos on the n60 h1



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