How can you make a Nether Portal ?| 1 Best Easy Way To Do

Can Nether portals be any size?

Today I’m going to show you how to make the nether portal the thing behind me as you can see so to get to it this works for the Xbox 360 and the PC not quite sure for the iOS or Android so let’s go ahead so I don’t expect much and please subscribe that really does help me with support shows that you are liking my channel my content and so on and make sure to give it a like if it works if it’s not working just go ahead and comment please do not dislike please make sure to LIKE leave a comment saying it’s not working and I’ll tell you what is going wrong so this is the nether portal guys with this obsidian around it it’s it in total has 14 obsidian blocks it this teleports you to the nether world and in the other these are my blocks which I normally tend to get at in line out the nether brick and some soul sound which I don’t have here as some nether sands I think this is Alice I’m not quite sure so let’s get back to the tutorial I like to keep my videos nice and short and sweet.

How many blocks do you need for a nether portal?

So let’s go ahead and make this opposite in now you tend to fight up sitting there lava pits we can just mine all the way down until you fall into a lava pit but be careful because you might actually die because you try to swim in lava so let’s go ahead and make some obsidian so if you you know if you got bucket just go ahead and pick up some lava if you found some lover like you know lying around in the floor because sometimes there is lava in the actual ground like here in front of me they could be laughter there but obviously there isn’t it’s just grass so you’re just going to pick up some and make a little pool of water if you find a lake there’s great and then you just pour the lava inside and that causes obsidian to be made go and mine it out that takes a while especially when you’re using an iron axe make sure to not use a stone or wooden pickaxe I’ll be a very very bad idea so let’s go ahead and make a frame over here and the one that we just made so it’s four one two three and four the way whoops let’s get that one as you can see it does take a while to mine.

Can Nether portals appear?

The Obsidian and there we go click that one up and place it here so yeah four at the bottom I tend to remember this because there’s two by the passage where you stand on this two blocks and then the blocks at the side is the wall and the wall contains five blocks so that’s 1 s 2 s 3 S 4 S 5 jump back down it’s used test do it same thing to the other wall so that’s 1 2 3 4 5 ok and connect strum back down and there you are there is the frame 14 blocks in total so there’s 5 by 4 okay once you’ve done that then you go ahead and get some Flint Flint looks Oh flint and steel sorry and that’s what it looks like and when you get some Finn’s let’s go ahead and get a diamond shovel and starts rolling out this gravel like so and hopefully some Flint’s or magically appear I click a bits gravel is easily to find it really easy to find where to find it any here so let’s move onto to the next one ok gee is it our luck is very bad I was doing this tutorial : minutes ago and I was finding loads and loads of loon ok well you get the point I’m going to go very far I probably collect something I haven’t but you know Flint’s is this oh so lucky there let me try my own oh yeah there as you see Flint butter as we go and collect and then we need some iron so let’s go ahead and get the iron ore which you find on the ground near stone and just go make a furnace I’m going to show you.

How much obsidian do you need for a portal?

How to make a furnace I’m not insulting your intelligence or anything I’m just showing you especially for the people who don’t know how to craft very well don’t know how to craft these certain objects or find it so I’m just helping those as well so if you want to you know skip to the end well put the flint and steel on it then yep go ahead and do so so go ahead and get that by an English you just melted from the iron ore and go and find your flip and steel to make the flint and steel on the pc put the Flint in the middle and the iron ingots top left corner as you can see and go ahead and make some there you are that is our flute that’s steel and just go ahead and place it like so if the formation is not right so let’s just go ahead and take a block let’s just make a real quick one so one two three and then you went one two and then we went to went the don’t but um you thought that was right you want to place it down like what it’s not working that’s because the formation is not right and when the formation is not right or you’re missing a block that is what happens so guys I hope you enjoyed.

How can you make a nether portal?

Items Required:

– 14 blocks of Obsidian

– Flint and Steel

Obsidian block collection can be performed in many ways. If you have a diamond pickaxe, you can mine for blocks of obsidian. Obsidians can be found in mines along with pools of lava. Alternatively, by the mixture of two other elements, lava and water, you can make obsidian blocks. It is worth noting that obsidian will only be created if the water is poured onto a lava source.

The second item required is a flint and steel. This item doesn’t exist naturally and has to be crafted by mixing iron ingots with flint obtained from mining gravel. Once you obtain flint and have iron ingots prepared from smelting iron ores use the following recipe to make flint and steel.

1. Build the Obsidian Frame:

The base of the nether portal should be 4 obsidian wide, and the sides of the nether portal should be 5 obsidian high resulting in a total of 14 obsidian being used up.

2. Use Flint & Steel on the portal:

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Next, you need to activate the Nether Portal. So, select the flint and steel in your Hotbar. Position your pointer on a bottom block of obsidian and then use the flint and steel. Once you have used the flint and steel in the portal frame, the center coordinates of the portal should glow and turn purple. This means that the nether portal is active and you can transport to the nether.

3. Walkthrough the nether portal:

Now that you have finished constructing it, all that’s left is using it. To use the nether portal, just walk through the purple area of the nether portal. You will be transported to the nether.

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