Narendra Modi Mother Death Reason, Last Words Of Modi’s Mother.

PM Modi’s Mother Demise: What were the last words of Modi’s mother? Even the prime minister’s eyes got teary remembering

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s mother Heeraben Modi passed away at the age of 100: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s mother Heeraben Modi breathed her last at the age of 100. The Prime Minister himself tweeted the news of Matoshree’s death. Since the Prime Minister Hiraben Modi’s health has been deteriorating for the past few days, he was visited by K. U. N. Treatment begins at Mehta Hospital. After which the Prime Minister went to Ahmedabad and met Hirab. Finally, a century-long life came to an end and Hiraben died at three in the morning on Friday. After hearing the news of the death, the Prime Minister once again left for Ahmedabad from Delhi, canceling all important work for the time being.

Mother is an ascetic. 

The Prime Minister tweeted his condolences as soon as he heard the news of his mother’s death. In it, along with a photo of his mother, he wrote a few words, which clearly reflected the journey of Hiraba’s 100-year life. Saying that the centenary of life stopped at God’s feet, he said that his mother had passed away and compared her to an ascetic. On this occasion, the Prime Minister also remembered a sermon given by Hiraba, who was dedicated to her values ​​and lived like a Karma Yogini. 

PM Modi has not forgotten those words even today 

Heeraben gave the prime minister a unique and successful way of life, ‘Work with wisdom and live life with purity’. When Modi met Heeraben on the occasion of her 100th birthday, he gave this sermon and the Prime Minister remembered these mother’s words as if he were to tie a knot. 

Heeraben gave the message that always use intelligence while doing any work in life, be loyal to work, be relevant and keep your honesty. He also gave a message to Leka not to lose the sanctity of life. Through the Prime Minister, these powerful words of his mother reached everyone in the country. This message given by Heeraben to her son is so beautiful that every mother should give it to her children. 

A glimpse of Hiraba was always seen in the Prime Minister… 

Difficulties and challenges did not leave Hiraba’s back. But, even in that, he achieved this journey with the strength of spirituality. She fought against every challenge in life and raised her children. Hiraba’s qualities of mercy, forgiveness, sensitivity and the ability to sacrifice everything for others are seen in all his children. A glimpse of Heeraben is always visible even in Prime Minister Modi. Be it their speech or their outlook on life. 

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