Leaked Video : Clash With China In Arunachal’s Tawang, Indian Army Chases 300 Chines Soldiers | Watch Video


Leaked Video : Clash With China In Arunachal’s Tawang, Indian Army Chases 300 Chines Soldiers | Watch Video

These kinds of development do happen but these the trajectory of the relationship is worrisome and uh we can also a certain way link to developments in China we’re having protests in China over the zero covet policy and many would see the the Chinese government Xi Jinping trying to have some kind of diversion uh to make sure that the focus basically shifts to uh outside rather than inside the country right so that now just to put this into perspective for our viewers the reason why this incident is very concerning as Iraqi pointed out and will be viewed very very seriously is because this is the first such incident uh since June 2020 when 20 Indian soldiers were killed and several others were injured in violent clashes with the pla troops in ladakhs galwan valley of course Chinese soldiers had also been killed in those clashes.

We have details at the moment of how many soldiers have been injured on either side do we know more about the nature of those injuries and do we have a confirmation of whether there has in fact been a disengagement from both sides well uh uh answering all your questions on the disengagement part as of now the situation looks very stable the soldiers have moved out on the number of injuries we do not know the injuries from the Chinese side but from the Indian side it is estimated that around eight to nine troops soldiers have been injured and when it comes to the situation as of now it looks pretty stable so the good news is that of course the situation has been stabilized the bad news of course is that this development is coming in also remember that as you pointed out.

This is the first such incident since the kalwan incident but also first such incident that is being reported of a serious nature in in arunachal Pradesh in tawang and we know what’s the Chinese we want the Wang and arunachal Pradesh they see it as part of South Tibet all right uh now you know going by some of the media reports that are emerging at this moment.

At least eight to nine Indian soldiers may have been injured we don’t really uh know at the moment how many were injured on the Chinese side the Indian defense officials are being quoted as saying that there were more injuries on the Chinese side um the question really is what happens next now we know Siddharth that the Border dispute between the two countries has been an ongoing one for decades now however things have been particularly tense in the line of along the line of actual control since those galwan clashes of June 2020 and there have been claims and counter claims by the two sides on that issue uh considering the seriousness and the gravity of this situation what happens next you talk about how flag marshes have been held but the bigger question really is are we going to see the two sides sit down and talk about what happened in tawang this time on the 9th of December what are you picking up from your sources well what has happened in this case is the usual protocol they’re having the Commander’s meeting.

Which has happened and the situation looks stable now uh when it comes to what has happened in galwan since galwan there have been multiple rounds of diplomatic and Military talks in fact 16 rounds have taken place and more rounds are expected when it comes to these kinds of conversation uh while it is of serious nature it has happened in arunachal Pradesh Indian side has confirmed there have been injuries it doesn’t looks like that it is as serious as galwan but it shows the trajectory of the relationship how the relationship has been going and as the Indian external affairs minister has multiple times emphasized that whatever happens happens at the bottom at the line of actual control will have ramifications in the relationship in fact since the Galvan incident the Indian side has banned many Chinese apps and they have been saying that their focus is to reduce trade dependency on China while of course the trade has increased according to trade data especially coming from the Chinese side.

The Indian side is focusing on making sure that there is decoupling when it comes to trade when it comes to investment from China there is some more scrutiny on Chinese investment and that is the measure taken by the Indian side but also remember one thing that India is going to hold the G20 Summit in China is the member of the croppings we do expect the Chinese president Xi Jinping to visit India in fact New Delhi next September to take part in this Summit and uh this is a kind of a very fragile situation because at one point you have a broader situation a very tense water situation and at another Point you’re hosting this Mega diplomatic event where of course absence of even one leader will be seen as not very positive development India of course is Keen on a very successful G20 Summit and the Chinese side is also extended their presidency uh their their support to the presidency of India.

So a very fragile situation India and China both would not like to see any kind of dramatic development at the border as of now but you never know what happens at the border and of course whatever happens in the Border will have ramifications in the relationship exactly in fact the last time the leaders of the two countries came face to face at a global forum just a few weeks ago many observers felt that it was a rather Frosty exchange between prime minister Narendra Modi and Chinese president XI Shin ping the warmth of the past seemed to be missing given what’s happened now in the tawang sector and given how seriously is going to be viewed through the prism of Galvan where so many soldiers lost their lives would it be safe to say that this incident uh is likely to perhaps create more frostedness in an already fraught india-china relationship Well India China relationship has been seen as going back a decade primarily because of the galwan incident and even any minor injuries is something that is going to have impacts I do believe tomorrow morning the Indian newspapers here in Delhi are going to headline.

This development and of course its implications on the relationship but remember how both sides are keen on some kind of engagement at a level which is of course not at the leadership level but making sure that at practical level at the border the relationship can continue both sides will be eager that there are no no injuries or of course uh the the troops of both sides not being impacted but when it comes to a border which is not demarcated you see such kind of developments example of that but we know that the Chinese side having very aggressive and it’s just not with the border with India but also when it comes to South China Sea situation in Taiwan almost all the borders when it comes to China have been facing some kind of issues even with asean as well there have been troubles over South China see so uh next year is not far away.

But we know that the biggest worry in the mind of many of Chinese the neighbors of China is where China is heading towards we saw the German uh foreign minister being in Delhi just last week and she also in response to a Beyond question talked about how the Chinese have completely changed they’re not following the rules based order and here in New Delhi there is of course resonance when it comes to how the Chinese have been essentially trying to remove the the rules which have been set up uh we know that India and the United States also recently conducted an exercise in early in uttarakhand and we saw a strong reaction coming from the Chinese side which was of course rebutted by the Indian side so such kinds of diplomatic your military is something that is worrisome for the relationship given that normalization of ties has been so difficult to achieve since the galwan incident in 2020 an incident of this nature which has now been reported in the tawang sector in our national Pradesh does not seem to all go well for the india-china relationship just to recap this for our viewers several Indian soldiers have been injured in clashes with Chinese troops uh in the in the tawang sector of the Indian state of arunachal Pradesh this incident is reported to have taken place on the 9th of December there have been injuries reported on the Chinese side as well sidhan civil thank you very much for bringing us all those details this is the story we’ll continue to track.

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