January 27, 2023


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Laal Singh Chaddha Biggest Bollywood Flop | Bollywood की सबसे बडी फलाप Movie

Laal Singh Chaddha Biggest Bollywood Flop | Bollywood की सबसे बडी फलाप Movie

lal singh chaddha

Amir Khan Latest Movie Laal Singh Chaddha Is In Big Trouble. As we all Know That Amir Khan Is Known For His Hit Movies Like Pk, Dangal etc. But On Of The Movie Name PK has Been dislike By His Fans And Audince. Because There Are Many seens In That Movie That Insults Or We Can Say Try To Saw Low Of Hindu Godess. After Watching That PK Movies Audince And Fans Of Amir Khan Boycott His Films And Also Boycott Amirs Latest Film Laal Singh Chaddha .

Amir Khan Says That He was Woking On His Film From Three Years. And He Also Mention That He His Waiting To Launch Is New Movie Laal Singh Chaddha. Amir Khan Decide To Launch His Movie Laal Singh Chaddha Earlier This Year. But Due To Other South Movies He Decide To Launch His Movie Laal Singh Chaddha Little Late. But Peoples And Fans Are Already Decided To Boycott Every Amir Khan Movie From After Watching PK.

Why Amir Khan Laal Singh Chaddha Movie Boycott In India ?

There Are Many Peoples And Fans Of Amir Boycott His New Film Laal Singh Chaddha. The Most Biggest Reason Of Boycott His New Movie Is His Previous Movie PK. In Amir Khan Previous Movie PK He Insult Hindu Gods. After Watching His Movie PK Fans Of Amir and Also Peoples From India And Other Countries Getting Very Angry. And They All Decide To Boycott Hos All Upcoming Movies.

1. The Footage In Pk Where Amir Khan humiliate Hindi God Is That The Shankar God Where Amir Khan Runs Behind The Shankar God. And At The End There Is A Shot In The Toilet Where Amir Khan Is Trying To Grab That Character Who is Playing The Part Of Shankar God. That Seen Was Really humiliate Hindu Godess. This Is Where Indian Public Angry On Amir Khan.

2. The Footage In The PK Where He Toilet On The Wall There Is A Shoot Case There Where There Are Photos Of Hindu Godess Has Been Pleased On That Shoot Case. Due To Take Seen Also Indian Public Along With Amir Khan Fans Where Geting Angry Because That Seen Shows How Amir Khan humiliate Indian Godess.

So There Are Many This Kind Of Footage InThe Movie PK Where Amir Khan Is Trying To Humiliate Hindu Godess in that movie. And This Is The Reason From Where Indian Audince Getting Very Angry After This Movie And They Decide to boycott Amir Khan And His Movie. And This Is The Reason Why Amir Khan New Movie Laal Singh Chaddha Was Getting Bad Response From The Audince From India And Out Of India As Well.

In The First Day Of Release Film Earning Around 11 cr. The Total Film making Cost Around 180 cr. So this was Really Big Problem For Amir Khan. Laal Singh Chaddha Making Takes Around 3 years of time means Amir Khan Working On This Movie From Last 3 years.

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