How To Write Hindi Shayari Easily

How to write Hindi Shayari Easily | हिंदी शायरी कैसे लिखे | How To write Shayari on photo

How to write shayari in hindi

If you are writing poetry for love, then write it with your own feelings, you can make poetry according to your relation, in memory of him or any special moment that you are missing, you can write it in your own words.

हिंदी में शायरी लिखने के तरीके

  1. You can also write poetry with your own feelings, as if you are angry with someone, then there will be a feeling of anger about him or with a broken heart, write his memories in the form of poetry.
  2. While writing poetry, the last words of the first line of poetry and the last words of the next line should be the same.
  3. There should be some such unique words in poetry so that those words make poetry very attractive.

Some Tips That Will Help You To Increase Your Shayari Writing Skills

1. Keep trying to write poetry daily so that you will be able to create   poetry on your own and it will become your hobby so that you will be able to write poetry very well

2. You go to Google and read poetry and understand that poetry well and write it in your own language. 

3. Use simple and pure words in poetry.

4. What type of poetry are you writing?

How To Write Photo Shayari | How to write Shayari On Photo

  1. To write shayari on photo you must have shayari
  2. For Shayari on Photo, you can download Google non copyright photo and then edit photo from it in Canva or Photo to Canva or Pics Art

According to your shayari mood, by clicking your own photo, you can make your own poetry on it.

  1. Open the photo in Pix Art or in Canva
  2. Then click on the text and write your poetry there and save it

Important Things You Remember While Writing Shayari

  1. First observe that thing or object on which you want to or you are goin to write shayari
  2. Study On the object or thing on which you are going to write hindi shayari
  3. After that note some keywords on that thing or object on which you want to write shayari
  4. Keep in mind that you hace to connect each of the word which you are putting in your shayari to each other
  5. Than you definitely write a very good shayari
  6. All the best For your upcoming shayaries
  7. Comment down below that how much you like these knowledge

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