How To Earn Money From Meesho ? Top 3 Ways To Earn Money From Meesho

how to use meesho app to earn money in hindi ?

Today talk about something which would help you guys to earn a lot of money monthly by just sitting at home and surfing the internet you know somewhere in life we all have thought about starting our own business or doing something which we could do at our own convenience and that’s where I figured out this app which is known as me show where thousands and thousands of people are walking just by sitting at home specially women and specially housewives so if you are a housewife or you’re a college going girl or if you’re a guy who’s looking for an extra income you guys can do that through me show app and it’s very easy with zero investment so you don’t have to pay any money and doing all that tedious work of you know packaging delivering no nothing of that sort all you have to do is download the app and as soon as you download the apps register yourself with your contact number so you don’t have to give any detail putting email ids and blah blah blah usually you know registration takes minutes and minutes and minutes to register. Meesho

How To Meesho App To Earn Money ?

But all you have to do is register through your number and you will be through you will become a seller so also put the link in the description box so you can click on the link and download the app from there itself and this app has been downloaded by over 1 million users and it has a rating of 4.5 stars on Google Play so definitely it shows how authentic it is and how you know carefully work it is you know there is no load there is no pressure there’s no investment so it’s very easy to use and you can earn thousands of thousands of money every month so once you download the app all you have to do is register with your mobile number and after that you will find a lot of categories of menswear womenswear there’s home decor there are lot of categories that you can go for either you can choose all the products like a catalog of product and send it on their whatsapp group or you can also choose one product and send it on whatsapp so for example if you have a women’s group on whatsapp and you want to sell cookies on your whatsapp group so all you have to do is either choose all the qualities all the catalogs from the range and share it on your whatsapp or you can also choose one filthy and share it on your whatsapp and if you want to sell through other apps like Facebook Instagram. Meesho

meesho products list

Click on the share button and there will be options available if you want to share on Facebook Instagram and yes your selected catalogue will be shared on different apps as well so now comes into may tip part which is ordering so once you receive your first order you have to put that particular clothing item in the cart then you have to select the size color all the details from there so make sure whenever you take your order please ask for the size for the specifications also take the address because you are the one who’s going to put everything on the app so if your client is not comfortable with giving their bank details you can ask them either to go for pay TM or for Co T so now coming to the main point which is what you are earning out of this so you need to decide your profit margin out of this total price of the product so for example the product is for 598 rupees and 70 are the shipping charges so this will be the total cost of the product Plus you need to add your profit margin you need to decide the total price of the product before selling it to your client so for example if you feel like you need to keep only hundred rupees for this product as a profit margin so that will go straight in your pocket and your client will pay the price which is the total price of the product plus the profit margin so once the order is placed you need to do nothing just relax and wait Meesho for the product to be dispatched to the customer which will be directly done through me show and the best part is you will receive your profit margin money within 10 days. Meesho

Meesho work from home

Meesho .So if you’re earning 200 rupees from selling one product imagine selling 10 products every week somes intriguing and I guess you all are calculating how much you could earn every month not just this if you beat your weekly targets you will also receive a lot of bonus every week from me show so all you have to do is sit anywhere in the world and do these 3 simple steps which is browse share and earn and you can earn thousands of thousands of money every single month anyways we all use social media all the time for ours and ours so I’m not doing our own business through whatsapp Instagram and Facebook and if you have any confusions any query about this app do let me know in the comment section and I shall revert to you guys for sure until then keep yourself happy do let me know if you are already a misho user and I shall see you next time. Meesho

So Guys this is how you can earn money from Meesho aap . Its very easy to use so you should Try this out . And you can generate a good amount of income by work from home Easly. Meesho


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