FILMORA 11 (Latest Version) MediaFire / Mega Direct Download Link + Crack

Hello guys as you guys know that Wondershare Filmora Video editing software is one of the most popular software in video editing. It is easy to use . filmora 11 is here in this video we’re going to share some more details on the added feature tools in femora 11. push your storytelling boundaries with one platform filmora 11 helps you create videos efficiently so you can focus on telling your stories if you haven’t already downloaded filmora 11 get started by clicking the link in the description [Music] with floor 11 you can now keyframe and adjust the speed of your videos this means you can easily slow down or speed up your videos to create unique cinematic effects to add speed wrapping to your videos drag and drop a video clip onto

The timeline right click the clip and click speed in the menu and choose speed wrapping to open the settings window you can choose different speed templates in the setting window or you can choose customize to adjust the keyframes and create the speed you want for the video grab the keyframe and move it up to increase the speed or down to slow down the speed you can also add more keyframes by moving the playhead to the spot where you want to change the speed and clicking the plus button the lower keyframe is when the video is slowest and the peak is when the video is fastest the middle parts between the keyframes are when it speeds up or slows down evenly to reach the specific speed you set for each keyframe

Let’s see how it looks [Music] the femora 11 interface has been revamped and optimized to support masking keyframes this means you can now animate masks for more creative possibilities drag and drop the video clip onto the timeline for this clip we’re going to change what is seen through the window by adding a keyframe to the mask double-click the video to open the settings window and click the mask section choose a circle and then scroll down to find the settings in the settings you can adjust the scale position and angle of the shape you can also blur the strength of the mask shape to better match the window check the inverted mask box to completely mask out the window from the clip now we can add a keyframe by clicking the add button move the playhead forward and click the add button again to add a second keyframe and adjust the shape of the mask to match the frame

Finally let’s add another clip under the math video on the timeline by keyframing the mask you can now see the mask is now animated to move along with a video clip [Music] femora 11 now gives you the ability to automatically align audio and video captured by multiple devices in the same scene import the video and audio that you want to sync in filmora 11. if we play the original video clip we can hear the quality of the audio is not so good hey everyone it’s jj from wondershare filmora here to empower your inner video creator so i’m going to use a better audio clip that i recorded in the same scene to replace it onto the timeline hey everyone it’s jj from wondershare filmora here to empower your inner video creator select both files in the media folder right click then choose auto synchronization you can also choose if you want to mute the audio in the video the clip will sync automatically on the timeline hey everyone it’s jj from wondershare filmora here to empower your inner video creator [Music] ready to give the feature tools a try download filmora 11 at the official website at there are more tools in filmora 11 waiting for you to discover make more confidently from first frame to last no matter what kind of videos you create filmora 11 can help you achieve more

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