Clash with China in Arunachal’s Tawang, Indian Army chases 300 Chinese soldiers, 6 Indian soldiers injured.


Clash with China in Arunachal’s Tawang, Indian Army chases 300 Chinese soldiers, 6 Indian soldiers injured.

On December 9, Indian and Chinese soldiers engaged in combat along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in the Tawang Sector of Arunachal Pradesh. In the conflict, some Indian soldiers suffered injuries. According to sources, on December 9, Chinese and Indian soldiers engaged in combat in the Tawang sector’s Yangste area. During the confrontation, a few personnel from both sides suffered minor injuries. Right away, all participants left the area. According to reports, more than 300 Chinese soldiers made unsuccessful attempts to ascend the 17,000-foot peak. In June 2020, Indian and Chinese soldiers engaged in hand-to-hand combat next to the Tibetan plateau controlled by China in the Galwan valley in Ladakh.

India and Chinese troops clashed with each other on the Line of Actual Control in Tawang sector of Arunachal Pradesh. The clash, as per sources, took place on December 9 during which soldiers from both sides sustained injuries. There was an immediate disengagement in the flashpoint area and situation returned to army, ANI reported, quoting sources. The latest clash comes two years after deadly clashes in Galwan that saw deaths on both sides. India and China are locked in a standoff on LAC in Ladakh since April 2020

Some breaking news coming in Border tensions between India and China are escalating once again there has been yet another Face-Off between Indian and Chinese troops this time the incident has been reported in the tawang sector of arunachal Pradesh in the eastern part of India sources say on the 9th of December pla troops contacted the line of actual control in tawang sector which was contested by Indian troops in a firm and Resolute manner sources say this Face-Off led to minor injuries to some Personnel from both sides the two sides immediately disengaged from the area sources also say as a follow-up of the incident India’s commander in the area held a flag meeting with his Chinese counterpart to discuss the issue in accordance with structured mechanisms to restore peace and Tranquility in the sector let’s go for more on this we’re now joined by our principal diplomatic correspondent siddhant civil from New Delhi siddhan uh reports suggest that soldiers have been injured on both sides.

This is of course the first such incident between the people’s Liberation Army of China and the Indian army since the 2020 galwan clashes what more do we know at this point uh how has the Indian government reacted well Neha this is a concerning development that has emerged the incident took place last week on Ninth and now the Indian sources have confirmed that the incident took place in which there were minor injuries to the Troops of both sides there was a flag meeting as well and this is protocol in nature whenever such incident happened at the line of action control flag meetings do happen but the development comes at a time when the relationship between India and China hasn’t been doing very well.

We know uh that how essentially there has been no conversation at the highest level except of course that handshake in Bali and of course we also know that when it comes to India China relationship the Indian external affairs minister has several times said that relationship is not normal the Indian army Chief last month said that at the border at the line of action control while the situation is stable but it is unpredictable now many the Indian side has been saying because the LA the border is not demarcated properly.

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