CAIT Demands To Ban Bgmi/PUBG Again ; Krafton

On 17 Of 2021 june Battlegrounds mobile india has launched with early access on . All the pubg fan are really excited. To play the game again which was ban previous year, in 2020 Due to chines Collabratio.

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After Launching the early access of the game many politician wants to ban the game again in india .Because they thinks that the game is still in chines agencies . A letter To Ravi Shankar Prasad The Honorable Union IT and Communication Minister Has been written by CAIT. Demans to ban Battlegrounds mobile india Ban in india Again.

Because they predicts that the game BGMI Is still engaged with Chines Companies. And They Are still leaking the important information of all the users . Thats the reason why they wrote a letter. To The Ravi Shankear Prasad To ban this Game before it launches officialy In india.

In India Pubg mobile was ban in 2020 Under the information Technology ACTs Seaction 69A .In that latter which was sent to Ravi Shankear Prasad also mentioned that Some of the feature are still there. Due to which the game was ban previous year . All though the BGMI was made only for india users . Krafton Claim that all the important data of the users will stored in the country And the dats which are not important that will stored in singapor.


BGMI Responded after the letter has been send KRAFTON And Blockbuster IPs Owner That is Playerunknown,s battlegrounds Are working with the law of india goverment Ruls and regulations . And they says that there is no data leaking from our side . Users data safety is our first priority.

The game is still in beta version there are few bugs in the game but after all bugs fixed the game was , launches officially on google playstore krafton says . They game was delayed due to these bugs once these bugs has been fixed. The game has been launch as soon as possible.

Bgmi Which is also know as battlegrounds mobile india is the newer version for pubg with diffrent name. After pubg ban in india krafton has to change the game name to launch indian market. so they make a sepert version og pubg known as battlegrounds mobile india for indian users only. All the works has been done . now the game has set to be launched on playstore any moment.

Krafton the owner og battlegrounds mobile india has clear all there probles due to which the game was ban in india previously. And they are happy aboyt that and it is also a gud news for all the pubg lovers in india. that the game is going to be launched soon in india.


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