January 27, 2023


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BGMI Unban Todays News | Government Final Decision On BGMI Unban

BGMI Unban Todays News And Update Goverment Final Destination On BGMI Unban

Say As You all know that bgmi is recently remove from Google Playstore And App store As Well. There is no particular Reason Given By The Government Why They Remove BGMI From Google Playstore And App Store. BGMI Lovers are waiting For The BGMI Unban As soon As Possible. Because BGMi Is One of the popular Gaming App In India. After Pubg Mobile Ban Krafton Stablish There Company In India Then After They Launch There Game.

Reasons Why BGMI Ban In India Or Remove From Google Playstore Or App Store

1. The First Reason Might Be The Share Of BGMI With Tencent. Because Many People Don’t Know Abot This But Tencent Has still 13.9 % Share On BGMI. So This is one of the reasons why BGMI Has To Remove From Google Playstore And App Store. But Still We are Assuming These Things Because No One Know the Exact Reason Why Bgmi Has Been Ban Or We Can Say Remove from App Store and Google Playstore.

2. The Second Reason Why Bgmi Has Been Ban Or Remove From App Store And Google Playstore Is Game Almost Similar. Yes As You know that there is no any major diffrence in BGMI And PUBG Mobile. The Game Is Almost Similar. There Are Few Minor Differences Between BGMI And PUBG Mobile L. So This Is also One of the reasons why BGMI Ban Or Removed From App Store And Google Play Store.

3. Third Reason Why Bgmi Removed From Google Playstore And App Store Is The Crime Rate Due To The Game. As We All Know That There Are Many Things Happened Due To The Game After Launch. Due To The High Report On Game The Game Has Been Ban Or Removed from Google Playstore Nad App Store. This is also one of the reason because every time some criminal activities happened due to game people know only one game name which Is PUBG Or We Can Say BGMI.

BGMI Unban Todays News And Date

There is also A Good News Regarding BGMI Unban In India. KRAFTON Doing so many meetings Regarding BGMI Unban. They Are Working Very Closely And Try everything To Unban The Game Or We Can Say Get Back The Game On App Store And Google Playstore. The Good News For BGMI Lovers Is That The Goverment Also Respond On KRAFTON Action. So We Are Hoping That The Game Come Back Soon In Indian Playstore and App Store

Is BGMI Unban In India ?

Yes BGMI Will Very Soon Unban In India And Back To App Store And Google Playstore. KRAFTON Working Very Hard To Get Back The Game In Indian App store And Playstore. We are Hoping That This Month Soon We Are Going To Get A Good News From KRAFTON Side. So Be Ready.

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