BGMI Lite No Official Announcement Till Now : WHY ?

BGMI Lite : When We Get Official Announcement ?


BGMI Lite Is One of the most popular game In india People are waiting for. But Our Internal Source team Has found some leaks about Bgmi Lite. As you guys all know that after pubg mobile and pubg mobile lite ban Krafton Face too many losses Financially . That’s Why They Decided To Launch The Game In India Any How Because They Know That There 70 TO 75% Revenue Generate From India. After That at first they decided to launch the game in india as a name pubg mobile (In) where IN Denote For India. But This Plan Fails Because government rules and regulation says that if one app ban in india so there is no app launch in india with the same name. After first fail company still try to contact with government heads to launch the game in india any how.

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After That Krafton Decide To Launch The game in india with full rule and regulation. So They Decided To Make there headquarter in india. So They make there headquarter in india Bengaluru. They know very well that they have already face too loss after pubg mobile & pubg mobile lite ban in india. They have only limited amount of money left to do this process . And if they fails here They have no chance to recover this. After that they are ready to take this risk. They build there own headquarter In Indian as we mention earlier. After that one by one they start working on there project . They start contacting with indian big gaming contact creators who play pubg mobile in india. Then after they decided to shoot a trail for the game launch again in india so those players who leave the game after ban in india they again get this news that the game is going to come back in india.

Suddenly Peoples get leaks from all there favrouit youtubers about the game that the game launch in india very soon. Because many players still playing pubg mobile in india after ban this news spread like air. Every pubg mobile player know that there game is coming back. And then finally the day came the game is launch in all social media with a new name know as Battleground Mobile India. After that people do there data transfer and start enjoying the game . But at that point of time krafton put all ther money and effort to launch the game in india. At that point there is no any money left . But people thinking that BGMI Came in india now its turn of bgmi lite to launch in india. But Kraton not capble to launch the another game.

Why No Official Announcement For Bgmi Lite ?

As we all know that The game Like BGMI with is ban previously in india to launch it again in india there is not limited amount of money spend . There are lot of money spend to launch a ban game in that country again. That is the reason why krafton doesn’t give any announcement regarding the game launch in india. I am talking about Bgmi Lite. Peoples are saying the Krafton Don’t know the potential of bgmi lite. Krafton know every thing from starting but due to finically not strong company not able to do any thing. Krafton also want that soon they launch the liter version of Battleground Mobile india So the players who have low end device they can also play and enjoy the game. And krafton slowly working on it because they know the potential Of Battleground Mobile India Lite. This is the reason why we dont get any announcement Or we can say official announcement from krafton side.

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