BGMI Lite In On Google Playstore | BGMI Lite Is Under Testing :- Krafton

BGMI Lite Soon On Google Playstore

Bgmi Lite Is Going To Be Launch Soon In India As a replacement Of Pubg Mobile Lite After Ban In India For All the Pubg Mobile Lite Fans. Few Days Before There is Rumer Spread Out On A video Released By Battlegrounds mobile india. Each and every pubg mobile lite players thinks that The video is for Bgmi Lite Some People Thinks That Is For Old Eragle Back in Bgmi. But finally they revel that the video is for mothers day. Bgmi is still working on the game very hard Due to no update and event are coming in the game bgmi is also going down. Players are shifting to the diffrent game. So they need to wake up and give some update on the game. Give some diffrent update else of coping the pubg mobile.

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Krafton has a golden chance to launch the Bgmi Lite At That time because there is no free fire right now as we all know that free fire is also ban due to violating indian security and also rules and regulation . As we all know that free fire is also made for low end devices the players who does not have higher end devices . They can easly play this game on there device without facing any lag. This was a golden opportunity for Krafton to launch the game at this time so they have to wake up. Krafton also gets profit at this time if the game launch.

What Happens If Bgmi Lite Launch Now ?

If Krafton launch the game now then they have huge benafit as well as profit Form indian market. As we all kno that all pubg mobile lite players are really excited for the game and if the game launch now then all the players purchase in game items like winner pass , or crate opening . in all of this krafton has huge benefit and also the most important thing as i mention earlier Free fire is now ban in india and free fire is also like pubg mobile lite for low end device players . So they can also attract free fire audince to them for the game as bgmi lite is also a low end device game . People who have low end device they can easliy play this game on there devices without facing any lag.

Bgmi Lite Todays News / Update ?

Bgmi Lite Is under testing. Company claim that the game is under testing they have to do little more work with the game . Soon We have get some amount for hint or announcement regarding the game. Krafton is planning to launch the game as soon as possible because they also know that if the game launch they have benefit as well . So they are planning to launch he game as soon as possible the technicians’ are working hard on the game many tests has been Performed on the game . There are many in game changes as well in the game . There might be come with the updated version of the game.

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