January 27, 2023


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BGMI Lite Coming Soon For All Indian Pubg Mobile Lite Players ? Krafton Response On Bgmi Lite Fans


As We All know that bgmi lite is one of the biggest Thing In Indian Gaming Community. All the pubg mobile lite players from india are waiting for there game to launch as soon as possible. in Past few weaks there are many mails and tweets regarding the game launch in india as soon as possible. Krafton after launching there new headquarter In India Fans are expected to launch the bgmi lite as soon as possible in indai. All the pubg mobile lite players from india are forcing krafton to launch there game .

When Bgmi Lite Release In India ? BGMI Lite Kab Aae Ga ?

There are still no dates or any official announcement regarding the game launch from the krafton side. But we are soon hoping that there is the first announcement regarding the game for all the bgmi lite fans. Because after that much pressure from indian fans there must be a chance to get some amount of official announcement for the game. Peoples are waiting for the one official announcments and every thing changes because lot of pubg mobile lite plyers thinking that there is no bgmi lite came in india.

There are still no updates from streamers side because they are not getting any update from officials about the game . Many indian streamers also thinking that there is no bgmi lite came in india because of they are not getting any update for the game. Bgmi lite is a biggest demand right now from the all pubg mobile lite players from india right now because there are lots of pubg or bgmi players in india who does not afford higher end devices in india. So that why they need a liter version of the game so they can freely in there low end devices with any lag issue.

BGMI Lite Pre-Registrations Coming Soon

As we all know that when bgmi launch in india 1 month before the pre registrations has been started and there are lots of players from india get pre register for the game on google playstore. We are hoping the same thing with Bgmi Lite The pre registrations might start soon for bgmi lite and it is expected to be start in android devices first. Because for ios the game might be little delay. So for android user it would be a good thing but the game is soon come in ios as well so no warry.