As we all know that due to country security previous year pubg has ban in india . After that too many pubg fans are gone down . many youtube channel views goes down . after that krafton has decided to launch the game again in india with separate version. Like pubg kr or pubg Taiwan. But government said that once the app was ban in country it cant be unban in any condition. that was again a setback for all the pubg fans.

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After the cancellation of pubg india which were going to launch in Diwali. Now krafton has decide to launch the game in india with different name . So know the have to change the game name. So the game name has been changed to battlegrounds mobile india. and then the game was launched by the krafton . At first the game was in early access.

All the indian users are started there data transfer to battlegrounds mobile india. All the pubg fans are so happy after seeing that there game is back. And all the data all there inventory will get back to battlegrounds mobile india. Because lots of usears spend lots of money to there account. after that the game has officialy launched on playstore for android users.

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At the starting the game is launched only for android players on google playstore. All the ios device users sifted to android phones. All the streamers are shifted to android phones. Because all the maximum streamers are plyed in ios devices. But right now the game is not launch on ios devices. But the leaks are coming that we are going to see the game on app store very soon.

all we all know that the bgmi championship is going to start very soon for a price of 1 crore. In that notice which was post on the official website of battlegrounds mobile india in that line there was written that only android users participate. But after some time that line was replaced by that is all the mobile phone users can participate. This might be a hint for those people who ware waiting for bgmi on ios devices. The game might launch on ios devices before compitions.

How To Download Bgmi For Ios Devices ?

You can easily download bgmi on ios devices after launch by app store. And there are many websites which provide you the download link of bgmi for ios devices. But the best method to download bgmi on ios devices is from app store. Because there only you got the official version And also get the latest update. The other way to download bgmi on ins devices is through there official website. click the below link o vist the website of bgmi.

[su_button id=”download” url=”” target=”blank” style=”3d” background=”#00ba04″ size=”6″]BGMI IOS[/su_button]

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