Hello Guys Bgmi Soon Going To Release there new version in India. As you all know that the current version is BGM 1.6 And soon they decided to launch there new version in November. That is Bgmi 1.7 Version. Bgmi 1.7 comes with many new features new events will also going to come with Bgmi 1.7 Update. New guns as well comes with bgmi 1.7 update.

BGMI 1.7 Update Features

After 1.6 Update, Now BGMI 1.7 beta update was officially announced by Krafton India and released in the Mid of November 2021 for all Playstore and Apple users that come with Runic Power, Metro royale, Payload 2.0, Virus infection and one of the most popular maps of PUBG Mobile, Vikendi will make a return on this update where it is no more in beta. Tons of new content including various Modes and features are on the way to the game with PUBG 1.7.0 Update. Below we shared some Patch Notes Preview that was officially announced by BGMI, Highlighted New Features, Events, Map, Mode, Weapons, Rewards, outfits, :

BGMI 1.7 November Update Patch Notes Leaks

After 1.6 update BGMI and PUBG Planning to release 1.7 updates and 1.6 updates all events likely to finish on 15, November 2021. The new 1.7 Update come with various new guns, skins, Map, events and various mode. Below you can check all expected features that you will see in upcoming Updates:

You can also check BGMI 1.7 Update Beta version [APK +OBB File) on this page (Released)

  •  Battlegrounds Mobile India X (Biggest Collaboration with Jujutsu Kaisen, Zaha Hadid Architects, Alan Walker, Dune, Resident Evil 2)
  • Emergency Pickup
  • Piggyback (Carry) Feature
  • Hyundai Pony Coupe Car
  • K2 Assualt Rifle (AR) Gun
  • AS-VAL Gun (5.56mm)
  • TAEGO Map
  • Paramo Map
  • Blue Zone
  • C1S3 – Royale Pass M5 & M6
  • New Bride 2.0
  • WindShield for Car
  • Speedometer in Car
  • Ferris in Erangel
  • Mission Ignition 3.0, and many more

BGMI 1.6.5 Update October Patch Notes preview

  • Virus infection mode Halloween (Round 1, Round 2, Round 3) after 31, October 2021
  • Payload 2.0 (AT4-A, Laser missile, M202 Quadruple RPG weapons, Secrets Room  ) on 31, October 2021
  • Survival till dawn (Zombies in Erangel) on 22, October 2021
  • Runic Power (Wind, Flame, Ice wall) on 15, October 2021
  • Vikendi on 8, October 2021
  • Metro Royal mode- Reunion on 28, September 2021 (Buy special Items)- Basic mode, undercover mode, Advanced mode, Assault mode
  • BGMI Just introduce Metro Royale, Payload 2, Infection Mode, Survive Till Dawn, Titans: Last Stand, Runic Power, Vikendi and Various Mega Modes

BGMI 1.7 Update Release Date

The expected BGMI 1.7 update release date is November 16, 2021 or November 17, 2021. But neither KRAFTON nor BGMI has made any announcement about the BGMI 1.7 release date. The changes described in the patch notes might be seen in the next update, but due to lack of official announcement, we can’t say it clearly.

Not only the 1.7 but the BGMI 1.8 update will also be released by January 2022. As soon as any official announcement is coming, it will updated here.

Download BGMI 1.7.0 Version

For more entertainment, it has many modes such as battle royale mode, TDM mode. Players can choose what they want to play. Utilizes the full capabilities of Unreal Engine 4 to bring alive fantastic worlds augmented by 3D sound, to build a truly immersive experience on a mobile phone.

With detailed monthly new content updates and world-class collaborations, there is always something to look forward to in this battle royale game. As we progress down the calendar, we will hear more and more feedback from you on India’s favorite game, we will work with partners and bring exciting new collaborations your way. To play BGMI without any issue you will need:

  • Stable internet connection
  • Android 5.1.1 or above
  • At least 2 GB memory

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