January 27, 2023


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5 Best Alternative Of Meesho | Reseller Apps Like Meesho

Reseller Apps Like Meesho In India ?

There are many reselling apps in india now a days ? It is one of the most popular reselling app in india. And now it is The number 1 Reselling app of india. In meesho there are lots of whole sellers Sells product from And earn profit. As i mention there are many reselling apps in india like This App. The First one is Glowroad App . Glow is also a popular reselling app in india after meesho. Glowroad App is one the the most oldest reselling app in india. There are lots of whole seller come to sell there products in glowroad. Shop 101 is the another famous reselling app in india. You can earn a good amount of bonus with shop 101. Shop 101 is also provides cod on maximum products. Resellinf facility etc.

Which is the best app for reselling?

Meesho is one of the best reselling app in india. Meesho comes with 0 % commision between buyer and seller. Thtas the reason why this app is so popular in india. And now a days this app is india number 1 reselling app. There are many diffrent app like meesho that provide same facility but ther are in second or third nuber. Those apps named as Glowroad And Shop 101. These app are best alternative of meesho. So you can also try these apps.

Is Meesho only for reselling?

Reselling with Meesho is known to have helped even the working women earn much more by running their own business. A lot of housewives have been able to create a name for themselves with reselling. Furthermore, Meesho has also helped a lot of students who were looking to earn an extra side income. Meesho is not only for reselling from there you can also order lots of products at very cheap price. Because these products are directly came from whole sellers. Thts the reason why there products are very cheap.

Is Meesho is safe or not?

Meesho is a reliable apparatus from where you can earn some money with your indulgence. The payments are made instantaneously and such payments are safe and secure. … Meesho is fake app. There is no data privacy and cheats public. Meesho app is 100 % secure because it is come with cash on delivery option with each and every products. And ther is no delivery charges with any products.

Can I sell on Meesho without GST?

Do I need a GST Registration to become a Reseller with Meesho? If you run a business with an annual turnover that exceeds INR 40 lacs in any states (except special category states) then you will have to register under GST. No you cant sell products in meesho without gst number. GST Number is very coumplesure for every seller who wants to sell there products on meesho.

Is there any other app like meesho ?

There are many reselling app like meesho where you can sell your products or resell any product at anay cost. One of the app named as glowroad. Gowroad is one of the most popular app after meesho in this reselling field. Glowroad is same as meesho there you can do all things same as meesho but the only diffrence is that in glow road not every products cash on delivery. So for some products you have to pay the amount first then after product will deliver on your doorstep.

Does Meesho deliver all over India?

Meesho takes the responsibility of shipping and delivery, and it’s free Meesho ties up with trustworthy logistic partners, who deliver the products to customers all over India. Resellers do not have to worry about the logistics or the delivery. Moreover, this service is absolutely free of cost.

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