Agape – Wordle gamers devastated with the aid of any other ‘almost impossible’ challenge

The phrase ‘agape’ has annoyed Wordle gamers as followers struggled to resolve this unfamiliar phrase and took to social media to whinge

The phrase ‘agape’ has pissed off a wide variety of Wordle gamers who have been unfamiliar with this phrase and in consequence struggled to resolve Wordle 383.

Words such as pinto, gawky, droll, and brink, are all Wordle challenges that have formerly stumped followers of wordle in the previous few weeks. However, this most current mission is so difficult that the phrase has now begun trending on social media due to the fact followers struggled to resolve it.

The phrase ‘agape’ was once the curveball followers have been confronted with for the Wordle venture 383 on July 7. Angry followers complained that this phrase was once too challenging to remedy as it is unfamiliar and now not a often used word. Fans additionally complained that this phrase has ruined their tough work as many have misplaced streaks and some are even swearing off the sport entirely.

“Blimey! Not a phrase used in frequent parlance. Wordle 383 4/6,” stated every other participant who solved the phrase however struggled as it isn’t always mainly famous in most people’s day to day vocabulary.

“#wordle 383 2/6 now not truly positive how I guessed this. Not a frequent word…” stated any other participant with an incredible rating which they put down to dumb luck.

Other gamers targeted on the reality that they had been growing their prevailing streak till they had been confronted with this special challenge, and have due to this fact ruined their remarkable streaks.

“My streak has ended at a hundred thirty With that, I don’t even experience like enjoying this anymore. I’ll see if I nonetheless sense that way tomorrow. #Wordle383 Wordle 383 X/6,” stated one player.

“Wordle 383 X/6 ninety seven win streak over!” stated one upset fan who was once very shut to accomplishing a 100-day streak.

“Grrr. Apparently I have begun a dropping streak now. Wordle 383 X/6*,” stated every other fan.


Many gamers struggled to remedy this phrase due to the fact they truly hadn’t heard this phrase before. If you had been one of these gamers do not stress, you don’t seem to be alone!

The phrase ‘agape’ is commonly used to describe a persons mouth when it is vast open. So in a sentence you may want to say, ‘he watched, mouth agape, with excitement’. The Cambridge dictionary defines the phrase as, “(of a person) with the mouth broad open, particularly displaying shock or shock; (of the mouth) broad open, specially in shock or shock.”

If you struggled to work out this venture and you are hoping to improve, there are a wide variety of Wordle hacks and Wordle tricks, that might also assist you enhance your scores. There are additionally a wide variety of wordle choices to attempt if you are in the temper for a extraordinary kind of challenge.

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